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How Benches Can Compliment a Playground


Gordon-Moore-Arial-View_200811_151115.jpg#asset:10336Public park benches are an integral part of your design. People need a place to sit down and rest, especially in an active place like a park. Having several benches makes your park attractive to young families, people walking their dogs and people working out.

Offering sit-down areas also makes your park a safer place to be. Otherwise, people would have to resort to sitting on the ground or standing and being uncomfortable. Ultimately, this can lead them to choose a different park next time.

How Many Benches Do You Need?

There is no clear cut answer on how many benches you should offer, as this depends on your park and how many people will be using it at one time. That said, you can get a rough idea of the benches you need based on the size of your park and how many people you want to accommodate.

The industry standard for seat size is 18 inches. Divide the length of your chosen park bench in inches to determine how many people will fit on the bench. As an example, if the bench seats two people and you want to seat 24 people total, you’ll need 12 benches.

It’s also important to point out that where the benches are positioned matters. Parents need to be able to see their children, so place park benches in accessible areas with a good view. Additionally, choose spots that are out of the sun. If your park isn’t well-shaded with trees, consider adding a shade structure over some of your benches.

Choose Benches for Your Custom Playground Design

Ultimately, providing enough park benches at your playspace allows people to stay a little longer. Cunningham Recreation offers a full assortment of comfortable, spacious park benches in various colors and materials. Choose a design that fits the look and feel of your playground and we’ll be glad to help you determine the best places to place them.