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6 Reasons Why Playgrounds Should Exist in Every Community


A community without a clean, safe place to play? Unfortunately, this is the reality for many suburbs and communities across the country. This is discouraging to hear because kids learn best when they’re exploring and interacting with others. When there aren’t adequate parks and facilities in communities, it can lead to bigger problems such as childhood obesity, increased crime and decreased property values.

Even the most basic commercial playground equipment provides more benefits than staying indoors. Here are six important reasons why outdoor parks should exist in every community.

1. Serve the entire community.

Many people assume that playgrounds are just for kids, but they actually benefit the entire community. First, parents, grandparents and caregivers can get out of the home and meet other people in their community, reducing social isolation.

Second, by adding dog park equipment or outdoor fitness equipment, you can attract pet owners and athletes. Lastly, inclusive playground equipment gives children of all ages and abilities a safe place to explore, learn and play.

2. Raise property values.

Another benefit for the community is that custom playground designs raise property values. Studies find that parks generate countless economic benefits, including increased property values, increased tax revenues, higher tourism revenues, decreased medical costs due to more exercise and improved attractiveness to homebuyers and businesses.

3. Increase hometown satisfaction.

People who live in areas with lots of green space tend to be happier with their neighborhoods. This is the case because people are able to socialize and restore their mind and body in these spaces. Not sold on the idea? Consider that the latest research shows that green spaces in cities can help people live longer. Knowing this, give your community what it needs to thrive - a beautiful, functional park.

4. Create a strong sense of community.

When people are out and about, they have the opportunity to meet others in the neighborhood and develop new relationships. This increased sense of community is a huge plus for residents as they feel more attached to their neighborhoods, decreasing crime and improving the lives of at-risk youth.

5. Encourage physical activity.

Children without access to parks or playgrounds are 26% more likely to be obese compared to children with these amenities. Keep in mind that kids should get 60 minutes of physical activity each day, and many are below this. The best way to encourage outdoor play is with an inclusive playground.

6. Foster social and developmental growth.

In addition to increased physical activity, community playgrounds provide kids with endless opportunities for social and developmental growth. They can participate in creative activities, work together to solve challenges and develop strong self-esteem. All of this leads to improved cognitive and academic performance.

It’s obvious that playgrounds are a huge asset to our communities. If you are looking to have a commercial park built in your area, contact Cunningham Recreation.