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The Best Safety Surfacing Options for a Playground



When you build a commercial playground from the ground up, you have options to choose every detail, from park benches to shade structures to inclusive playground equipment. However, one of the most important, yet overlooked, park amenities to consider is safety surfacing.

Let’s review the most popular playground safety surfacing options and the benefits to each. All surfacing products from Cunningham Recreation come from GT Impax and meet all applicable standards by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

Engineered wood fiber

Engineered wood fiber is affordable and quick to install, making it a practical option for many commercial playgrounds. This product is non-toxic and contains no paints, chemicals or additives. It also requires little maintenance aside from an occasional topping off during its lifespan.

Recycled loose fill rubber

A similar option to engineered wood fiber is recycled loose fill rubber. This surfacing is soft to the touch and offers excellent shock absorption. Recycled loose fill rubber is an affordable option that is easy to maintain and resistant to mold, animals and insects. Also, it will not decompose as wood can.

Poured in place rubber

Poured in place rubber is a unitary surface and a great choice for ADA accessible and inclusive playgrounds. It’s attractive, durable and available in many colors, allowing you to create various shapes and designs. Even though poured in place rubber is a bit more costly on the front end, it’s durable and is low maintenance.

Recycled bonded rubber

Our recycled bonded rubber surfacing is made from clean shredded rubber tires. This material is available in natural color options, supporting playgrounds that have a muted tone. The rubber is low maintenance and meets accessibility standards set forth by the ADA.

Recycled rubber tiles

100% recycled rubber tiles provide superior shock absorption, extended wear and little maintenance. Plus, there are plenty of colors and patterns available to bring your playground to life. For example, you can create designs like checkerboards that look cool and are useful for playground games.

Synthetic turf

If you like te look of natural grass, synthetic turf is a great alternative. It provides soft cushioning, adequate draining and long wear. This allows kids to play on the turf shortly after it rains! Plus, there’s no mowing, watering, fertilizing, etc. to worry about, something that benefits the whole community.

Pup turf

We highly recommend pup turf for our favorite four-legged friends. Pup turf is perfect for community dog parks because it drains quickly, has a cooler surface temperature and antimicrobial properties. The turf does not hold onto odors and offers a natural look without the maintenance - which neighbors will appreciate.

Designing a playground for your community? Contact Cunningham Recreation to discuss your project and look through our durable playground safety surfacing options that provide a safe and enjoyable place for all kids to play!