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Me and the Bee Play Experience at the National Zoo


The Smithsonian National Zoo located in Washington, DC has a custom themed playground exhibit called: Me and the Bee. This GameTime inclusive play experience will show children and their families how the bee lives, their importance in the food chain and how they affect the health of an ecosystem.

Me and the Bee GameTime PlayWorx inclusive themed custom playground is a large interactive space where children can play and learn all about bees. Children will discover the sounds of bees, crawl through hollowed out logs and trees the bees call home and slide down a tree stump dripping with honey. Exhibit visitors will discover larger-than-life-sized figures of European honeybees and blue orchard mason bees. Large flowers adorn the perimeter and honeycomb steppers are around and about for climbing, jumping and resting all while learning about bees. The honeycomb steppers are painted to mimic cells filled with pollen and honey.

To add to the dramatic play, interactive components were added so children can turn a rotary crank to hear a group of buzzing bees or push a button to hear pollinators like hummingbirds, bats and insects. Leaf-shaped signage throughout the play space tells the story of pollination from the hive to the table. The poured-in-place rubber safety surfacing is brightly colored and adds additional play value to bee playground exhibit.

Learn the story of pollination, from bee to food production, and find out how you can help protect bees in your own backyard! Visiting Me and the Bee playground is a fun, exciting educational experience for the entire family. Click here to see more images of this playground.

Learn more about PlayWorx design process for custom projects like Me and The Bee. Click here for an informational video experience.