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Playground Funding Opportunities NOW Available

GameTime Playground Grant

GameTime Playground Grants

Who is Eligible for Playground Grants?

Any parks department, school, nonprofit, or other youth organization is eligible for playground equipment funding from GameTime. Submit your grant application for review. Our grant award team will make a funding determination within a few days of your submission.

The deadline to submit your GameTime playground grant application is November 2, 2021. Only U.S. applications are being accepted at this time.

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Are There Other Funding Opportunities Available Through GameTime Cares Program?

GameTime Playground Funding

GameTime is also offering playground grants and funding toward the purchase of signature Modern City® play structures, select Challenge Courses, GTFit outdoor fitness products, and THRIVE fitness systems. Funding amounts vary, based on the product selected. The grant application deadline is November 2, 2021. Grant funds are only offered to customers in the United States.

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